Our treatment approach is geared to improve quality of life, slow the rate of disease progression, and decrease the need for medication.

We focus on validating the underlying emotions, maintaining dignity, creating moments for success, and encouraging the use of remaining skills.

Our ability to respond to various levels of care sets us apart from other care homes. A variety of supportive care services are available within the system; nursing staff is available 24 hours a day.

An open concept makes it easier for residents to navigate and find their way. Activity is an integral part of the daily living process, supporting existing functions, promoting self-satisfaction and developing the individual interests of each resident.

Specializing in Memory, Dementia, Alzheimer and Hospice Care with over 24 years experience


Rates are based on care needs determined by a comprehensive functional assessment. Prices are inclusive of meals, utilities, basic laundry services, basic personal care products and linens. For any questions, please contact us